Deer Point Lake Fishing


Deerpoint Lake Fishing

Deer point lake is well known for its shellcracker (redear sunfish) fishing during the spring (April through June) using earthworms as live bait. When fishing early morning, late afternoon, and evening, fly fishing can be used for shell crackers during spring and it is very effective. There are boat ramps located on both sides of the dam and a fishing pier is located near the boat ramp on the west side of the dam.

Deer point lake Bass fishing guides

Fishing during spring for Bream (bluegill) is good and the best bait to use is crickets and earthworms. the largemouth bass is best fished in spring to early summer and also in the fall using plastic worms and an excellent place to use crankbaits. bass fishes will have finished their breeding cycle and will hold up in shallow pads while feeding and guarding their fry. It is a very aggressive fish when protecting its babies. Naturally, they hover underneath the pod of young bass watching out for predators from above and all directions.

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Other Deer Point Lake Fish Species

The largemouth is also popular around Deer Point Lake but fishing along the docks and boathouses by the creek channels and at the mouth of Bayou George brings in a lot of these fishes.

Due to the huge amount of flooded cypress stumps and snags found in the lake, Anglers should tread with extreme caution during boat operations.

While anglers cast in their lines for that trophy largemouth bass, or campers enjoy the clear water, they should remember to keep the lake clean and beautiful for it to be enjoyed and used as a monument for future generations.

Deer Point Lake is an excellent reserve and an excellent place for a vacation.

Deer Point Lake Fishing Forecast

Fishing in deer point lake is a great experience and the best bait to lure them in is a buzzing frog, like a Gambler Cane Toad or a Zoom Horny Toad. To set the bait, fix your frog with a big stout hook and tie it to a stout rod spooled with a minimum of 50-pound braided line. 

Move the frog across the surface and control your speed. a very fast retrieve is best, but sometimes a slower retrieve is needed. But always keep it moving on the surface. The strikes can be very violent, especially when the bass is inhaling the frog with a vengeance. 

This makes it easy to catch as long as you wait a moment before striking back. There are times the bass will follow it for a short while and not eat it but you will see them walking behind it.

The trick is to stop your retrieve when you see one following and Allow the frog to sink below the surface and this will get them to eat the frog instead of just looking at it. Other baits that can be used to target this fish include swimbaits, like a Gambler Big Easy and a Skinny Dipper. A swim jig with a craw trailer can also be very helpful and gets some really big fish to bite.


Question: How deep is Deerpoint lake?

The usual depth is 5ft, however, the  Bay County Utility Services Department maintained a depth of 2.5ft during the major drawdown. It is too soon to tell how much regrowth the drawdown will affect the season.

Question: Is deer point lake saltwater?

Well, the answer to this is No!!, Natural freshwater is supplied to Deer Point Lake and it provides more than 760 million gallons of fresh water daily to Panama City and the neighboring areas.


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