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Nex Generation AC is a privately-owned air conditioner repair company in Panama City FL. we have more than 10 years’ experience with the industry and we are focused on making our customers smile after every job done. We are specialists in Residential and Commercial air conditioner repairs in Panama City Florida. We offer repair of your cooling units, replacement of your current system and maintenance to keep your units working appropriately.

We will altogether clarify the diagnosis before we make any installations as well as repairs. As a homeowner, we want you to have the option to settle on the best choice after we present the options available for you.

AC Repair Experts in Panama City

Nex Generation AC industrial factory-trained technicians are at your service to help investigate any issue that you could be facing with your Cooling System. In the wake of diagnosing your system, we give a fixed, guaranteed cost for the repair. No stunts. No tricks. There will be no concealed charges. Our costs are carefully determined and never self-assertive. We have confidence in the right price for the right quality.

Best Air Conditioner repairs in Panama City  

Our technicians are trained to service all makes and models, and we guarantee to offer brief and solid maintenance. We offer an upkeep plan to our unwavering customers and you can get in touch with us for additional insights concerning this. Regardless of whether we didn’t install your system, we are glad to take over and be your Panama City air conditioning, maintenance, and repair contractor.

Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Repairs Panama City, FL

The mission of Nex Generation AC is to give quality deals, installation, and service. We will achieve this through professionalism, an exceptionally prepared staff, fair evaluating, and a guarantee to ideal client assistance.

Whatever is on your lists of home or commercial HVAC needs, chances are it’s on our lists of offered services as well. From ductwork installation, repairs and more, However, our skill goes a lot farther than overhauling conventional cooling units, air filtration systems, Nest thermostats, and an ever-broadening exhibit of current AC upgrades. We want the entirety of your AC systems to work beautifully and carry on with a long effective life.

At the point when it’s the ideal opportunity for air conditioning service, don’t think about it twice! Rather, make it simple on yourself with one fast call to the air conditioning repair geniuses at Nex Generation AC. Offering decades of experience with residential and commercial AC repair, we have the preparation, experience, and strategies to keep both central AC units and ductless split systems fit as a fiddle as long as possible.

Why risk getting substandard air conditioner repair when our Panama City FL contractors are devoted to bringing you intensive and durable outcomes. Let us make swift work of your next AC repair appointment. Schedule your air conditioner service today via telephone or on the web.

Annual Air Conditioning Repair Service

The sooner you call us about your AC repair issues, the better it will be for the strength of your air conditioning system. That is on the grounds that fast and capable air conditioning services can prevent minor problems from turning into significantly greater concerns.

Fortunately, our technicians are equipped to help with your AC repair service in Panama City FL. Whether huge or little. We spend significant time in AC repair for your benefit. Try not to spare a moment to reach us for an air conditioning repair if you are noticing any of these problems on your units.

  • Insufficient cooling
  • No cooling by any stretch of the imagination
  • No airflow
  • Overly frequent cycling
  • Unusual noise
  • Leaky units

What Type of HVAC System Do I Need?

Picking HVAC systems can be sometimes overwhelming. There are a few sections, sizes and types to choose from. so how might you tell which one is most suited for your home?

Standard split systems

This system is as yet the most widely recognized residential HVAC system. The system is configurable relying upon atmosphere needs.

Heater and air conditioner: Most systems use gas heaters and are exceptionally proficient and financially savvy. The AC’s consolidating unit is mounted outside. A pivotal part of the system is the evaporator curl, which is typically fitted inside the heater bureau. It sucks in the warmth and sends it outside through the refrigerant traveling through the copper lines.

Air handler and heat pumps: Heat pump split systems are mainstream in hotter regions. The system utilizes a heat pump for both cooling and heating. The heat pump is like the air conditioner just that its activity is reversible during cold climate.

furnace and heat pump: Split systems with two heating sources are called hybrid heat or double fuel systems. They are fitting for cold atmospheres. The heat pump conveys heat in moderate cold. At the point when the temperature dips under freezing, the system shifts naturally to the gas heater, and the heat pump quits working. .

Ductless split systems

This system is comprised of an outside air conditioner for cooling or heat pump for heating and cooling. Furnaces are not accessible for ductless split systems. The indoor part contains a fan for scattering air and can be mounted on the wall, roof or floor.

This system is perfect for a home or office with no past ductwork. It is effective and spares energy use and cost. They are, in any case, not recommended for freezing atmospheres since the choices are restricted.

Packaged systems

This system is created with all the significant parts introduced in huge cabinets. They are basic in homes without a storm cellar and are constantly mounted outside. The system has a blower to drive air into the house and evacuate untreated air. The technique for air treatment relies upon the sort: Gas/electric, heat pump or hybrid

Packaged systems are typically utilized when ordinary split systems are illogical. They make less clamor in the room, and they are commonly restricted, less effective and will, in general, wear out quicker than different systems


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