How Deep is Deer Point Lake 


How Deep is Deer point Lake 

Bay County Utility Services Department held a normal profundity of 2.5 feet at the Deer Point Dam during most of the drawdown when contrasted with the typical profundity of 5 feet, and it finished on Feb. 28.

It’s too soon to state how much regrowth the drawdown will influence the season, yet the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the conditions were ready for progress, and those living along and the individuals who boat deer point lake said the current year’s drawdown has lead to an obvious reduction in weed that has been impeding the water. 

As indicated by an FWC news discharge, “The aquatic vegetation was presented to drying climates which prompted a conceivably incredible decrease in shoreline vegetation caused by a 52% decrease in rainfall and a diminished water level when contrasted with the previous year.”

A 2017 aquatic vegetation examination will be led by FWC scholars in September to find the percent of the inclusion on the store and use the information to determine the accomplishment of the 2016-2017 drawdown. 

Deer point lake Drawdown

“I think (the drawdown) has been more valuable than it had been the last four or five years,” Ronk stated, who was a part county resident warning advisory group on the lake.

He said the estimation taken on a neighbors dock was 33 inches more than the normal 24-inch drawdown lately. The more the lake is drawn down the more uncovered it is.

 “The drawdown uncovered over 10% of the lake and that is the place where you discover all the fish bring forth and where the weeds are the most noticeably terrible” The weed circumstance is satisfying right now.

“The inquiry is in the event that it will last. I think there are fewer weeds (after the drawdown) than a year ago and it looks great at this point.” Trey lobby stated, who boats along deer point lake. 

Deer Point Lake FWC Drawdown

The FWC’s Division of Freshwater Fisheries Management exhorted the drawdown to the Bay County Utility Services Department dependent on the 2016 aquatic vegetation study, which indicated vegetation inclusion on the supply to be 76.5%, and the drawdown was reached out from 60 to 100 days. 

Bay County Commissioner Guy Tunnell, said he was satisfied to hear inhabitants are content with the weed circumstance. “The FWC are specialists and we as a whole consented to broaden the drawdown from 60 to100 days with the expectations of killing off the weeds and getting colder temperatures,” Tunnell said. 

Tunnell said using mechanical reapers or showering synthetic compounds to murder weeds were not suitable. “If chemicals were used to chop down weeds, the vegetation would tumble to the lake base and afterward fill again in the spring and the synthetics may influence the water” 

“so the all-encompassing drawdown was our lone practical choice, and an expectation for a colder climate,” he said.  Alert must be taken during the drawdown to try not to draw down the lake too far to even consider preventing saltwater intrusion. The passage was guaranteed by the utility division that the lake will be drawn down as low as conceivable without causing saltwater instinct.


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