When it comes to text, computers can store an unimaginable amount of it, needless to say since everything is built with code, which is more or less some form of text. It can also come in handy as a method of storing contact details, and if you want to use a dedicated program for this type of operation, you might want to try out PicDbf. Contacts need to be added one by one You have the chance to take the application for a spin as soon as download is done, because you’re not taken through a setup process to make things work. This also means it can be your personal contacts manager which you can always have at hand if you decide to store it on a thumb drive. Just make sure that the computer you use it on is fitted with .NET Framework. The application comes with an example entry to give you an idea of the depth of the details which can be included in your database. Needless to say that you can edit or remove it to go ahead and fill up the database with your own entries. Sadly, there’s no possibility to import them from any kind of file, so the whole operation needs to be manually performed. Add pictures and additional notes As far as the level of detail which can be added, we can state that it’s not really abundant. All you need to fill in are fields for names and phone. Additionally, you can insert a representative picture, as well as notes, which come in the record section. Adding items is easily done through the dedicated button, and takes little time since there are only a few fields. On the bright side of things, the application comes with a built-in search tool to help you easily identify items in case of a crowded database. A few last words Taking everything into consideration, we can state that PicDbf is a straightforward database tool which can keep all of your contacts in an organized manner. They’re easy to find because of the search tool, and even though there aren’t many details to fill in, there’s always the notes section to use.









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Program Name: PicDbf Program Category: Database Click “Add to Cart” to Download PicDbf Now! by Atiliou, PhotoDemo Your Photos PicDbf Comments Eric on Feb 10, 2014 This is really nice. by Keter, PhotoDemo Your Photos PicDbf Comments admin on Feb 11, 2014 Excellent quality database software by Channels, PhotoDemo Your Photos PicDbf Comments Urgnico on Feb 10, 2014 Good program..Thanks for sharing by Tintin on Feb 10, 2014 It’s a great piece of software. I want to give it 5 stars because it’s very easy to use. It provides the user with a foolproof interface. The unique thing about this program is its ease of use. It’s so easy to use that it becomes very addictive. It’s my new favourite program for PCs. by Ponyo on Feb 10, 2014 Its really awesome. Thank you for sharing me. by Tintin on Feb 11, 2014 It’s a great program. by Eitan on Feb 10, 2014 Thank you for this program. by Channels on Feb 11, 2014 Super easy to use and super easy to install! No hidden viruses, easy to use, and helps to prevent my contacts from getting lost. With this program, I have never lost contacts in the past. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to keep their contacts organized. I find it very easy to use. It’s not only easy to use, but this program is also extremely handy and always gets the job done well. It also stores contact details from different systems such as the Windows Live Contact Manager and Windows Network Path. This is great for those of us who change between systems. I highly recommend this program to those who have had a hard time finding their contacts. It’s so easy to use that even a beginner can use it with ease. by Hello on Feb 11, 2014 Thank you so much for sharing this software with the internet. by Tintin on Feb 11, 2014 It’s a great program. by Eitan on Feb 11, 2014 Thank you for this program.

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Enter the name and phone number of the contacts you’d like to save. Afterwards, store additional notes and picture if needed. The database file can be accessed and edited within this program, with all data easily sorted. Search through the records to find your contacts as soon as the database is loaded. The application comes with a database viewer which allows you to open and view all of the records with ease. Download PicDbf When it comes to text, computers can store an unimaginable amount of it, needless to say since everything is built with code, which is more or less some form of text. It can also come in handy as a method of storing contact details, and if you want to use a dedicated program for this type of operation, you might want to try out Smooch Offline. Even though the application is labeled as a contact manager, it can come in handy as a space to keep your numbers and other contact information. This is because the application only requires users to specify the first and last name, number, email and other contact details they would like to store. From there on, Smooch Offline will take over and create a database file which is ready to be opened. What’s more, all of these details are saved on the local device which holds the application, which means there’s no chance that you can end up sharing your contacts with other users since it will be unique to you. The basic database entry with an example of the information which can be stored is included with the program, so it’s very easy to get started with. One thing to point out is that the only way to save the data is through the dedicated tool, so you’re taking upon yourself the obligation to make sure that the database is created and updated properly. Manage contacts from your computer This is by far the most interesting feature since the database can be imported from a thumb drive or device, as long as it runs a version of Windows 7 or higher. The application will automatically detect the size of the file, so there’s no need to worry about the amount of data which is being inserted. All you need to do in the case of such a scenario is to create an empty file with the right extension and get down to business. In case your database turns out to be too big, you can try the export feature to allow you to take it from the local machine to a thumb drive with just the click of a button. Alternatively, 2f7fe94e24

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PicDbf is a simple utility that helps you organize and store your contacts, pictures and notes. If you’ve ever wondered how to manage an Android application on your Windows Phone without having to use the Windows Phone Store app, then I have good news for you — you’re in luck. Today, I’m going to walk you through setting up the Microsoft Account Sync for Xamarin. You can learn how to get started with using the Xamarin Account Sync here. However, if you want to skip to the good stuff, just hit the Continue Reading button below to jump right to the bottom of the post. So without further ado, let’s get started. Step 1: Get the Xamarin Account Sync SDK Before you can even get started, you’ll need to make sure you have the Xamarin Account Sync SDK installed on your device, and you have an application registered under that user account on your Windows Phone. You can find instructions on how to get started here. Step 2: Install Sync The Xamarin Account Sync for Windows Phone is a free, open source plugin for Xamarin, and you can download it from the Xamarin Account Sync website. You can also download the Xamarin Account Sync SDK. Step 3: Setup The Xamarin Account Sync for Windows Phone has different options for installation, so you’ll want to make sure you go through each one. At the time of this post, the account sync plugin is a new package for Xamarin, and I don’t have any docs on it. For the code you see below, make sure you remove “no input name” after it. Step 4: Publish After you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll have two packages, the Xamarin Account Sync, and the Windows Phone Account Sync, available in your Project. You can easily set them up in Xamarin’s file system explorer. To do this, you’ll need to first open the packages window on the top right, and then select the xamarin-accountsync package. You can then right-click on the package to open its properties. Step 5: Configure the Account The account sync plugin is configured through the Settings of the Windows Phone application, and should be configured through the account sync settings you saw earlier. Under You account, you�

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“PicDbf is a database file creator for the Windows environment which allows you to quickly and easily add contacts and other information to an internal database in the program. It’s not a.txt file, the database is actually a custom format and you can create many of them using the application.” Size: 1.15 MB Size on Windows Store: 243 KBWi-Fi is another word for wireless Internet connectivity, and Wi-Fi printers might be the hottest trend of the year. There are Wi-Fi versions of both the inkjet and laser printers, many of which let users print documents and photos from a mobile device or laptop computer. Wi-Fi printers are classified into three categories: stand-alone, embedded and full-featured, according to Wi-Fi Printing Services, a site that offers a database of companies that manufacture Wi-Fi printers. “There are over 150 Wi-Fi printers on the market right now, but the largest share of those are the stand-alone printers like the Samsung HS250B, which isn’t a wireless printer at all,” said Bob Parsons, a senior analyst at market research firm Forrester. “The embedded ones are a small market right now but are growing quickly.” Wireless printing is the most viable and efficient way of using a printer for a laptop that is on a wireless network, Parsons said. Wi-Fi printing allows users to print a document or photo from anywhere in the house without being in the same room. One drawback to Wi-Fi printing is the device’s limited memory, Parsons said. Wi-Fi printers come with wireless printing capabilities as standard features, but only the stand-alone versions have an optional memory card slot, so users can store documents offline if their printer doesn’t include a memory slot. Although Wi-Fi printers are becoming more and more popular, companies that manufacture Wi-Fi printers are facing some challenges. “The Wi-Fi printer market is a new market, and there are very few people in it at this time,” said Bruno Di Cataldo, chief technology officer of Form1, a company that makes the Zebra TX2 wireless printer. “The Wi-Fi printer market is not one that is a top performer with the rest of the market,” said Di Cataldo, who also serves as the chairman of the Association for Networked Systems. “The way that Wi-Fi printers are sold is very different than laser or ink


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Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 1 GB RAM 100 MB available hard drive space 512 MB required hard drive space A graphics card with at least 16 MB of VRAM Recommended specifications: 2 GB RAM 256 MB available hard drive space 1 GB required hard drive space A graphics card with at least 32 MB of VRAM Hard drive space requirements: Windows: 1 GB Mac: 5 GB Linux: 3 GB