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Large Photoshop files can be difficult to handle if you don’t know how. I recommend that you use Photoshop in Photoshop Elements mode for creating images that are less than 5MB. The rest of this chapter is all about creating some amazing images in Photoshop. Although I show how to accomplish specific tasks in the coming pages, keep in mind that you can use most of the techniques outlined in this chapter to create much more sophisticated images and still save tons of time. Getting Image Data into Photoshop Photoshop’s history, of course, starts with raster images created by hand or scanned in, but its architecture allows for much more. The most important aspect of working with any image in Photoshop is to make sure that the file type and the resolution are correct. With a digital image, the resolution determines the size that the file can be before it becomes unworkable. In the case of scanned images, the scan’s resolution can be checked using a software plug-in to the software. Most PDFs are also raster images, but it isn’t easy to tell if an image is a PDF or a vector image until you open the file in Photoshop. (The next section shows you how to scan into Photoshop.) A raster image’s file size depends on its resolution. A 72-dpi (dots per inch) file can have a resolution of up to 72 pixels per inch. Photoshop provides maximum options in both directions (0 to 72 and 72 to 0). You can also create files with resolutions larger than 72 pixels per inch. For example, you can create a 96-dpi (dots per inch) file with a resolution of 144 pixels per inch. Photoshop CS5 provides the Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) as the default file format. A TIFF is a standard file format for raster images. It uses lossless compression methods for archiving purposes, which results in significant file size savings. Typically, the value you select from the View palette is 72 pixels per inch (1,920 pixels per inch) for output. In Photoshop, the default setting is 72 pixels per inch, regardless of what the image resolution is. Some people may prefer this setting, as it keeps the file size down. However, if the file size becomes an issue, you can simply increase the image resolution. You also need to check the options under the Image Size menu (as shown in Figure 2-1). Photoshop CS5 has three

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There are many Photoshop alternatives: Substitutio, Affinity Photo or Paintshop Pro. Paintshop Pro has all the functionality that Photoshop has, as well as more features. Easel.IO, a very famous photo editor. Lightroom, a cloud-based photo management and editing tool. Sketch, a vector design and illustration tool. Design apps. Sketch, Figma and Adobe XD. Drawings apps. Image editing apps. Design apps. Photoshop, Adobe XD and Figma. Stream drawing apps. We’ll show you these alternatives to Photoshop and how you can use them. Adobe Photoshop alternatives Sketch Sketch, formerly known as Smugmug, is a professional tool for creating vector artwork, paintings and 3D designs. It’s easy to use. Adobe XD The latest version of Adobe XD by Adobe is a powerful tool for design with a focused team in the cloud. It’s built to collaborate. It lets you create your design in Photoshop and in the cloud. Figma Figma, formerly known as Balsamiq, is a tool that is based on collaboration tools. It was the first 3D design tool to be approved by Apple. It lets you create designs and animations that can be exported as.aep or.gif files. Design tools Design apps Adobe XD includes an Appexpert tool. It’s a web page that connects you with the best designers around the world. Adobe XD is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. You can create and save files in the cloud and download them to other devices. The cloud hosting the files means that updates and edits can be made on multiple devices at once. Adobe is working on the concept of a design network that features designers in the cloud. Adobe XD is also part of the Design Cloud service. The Design Cloud lets you collaborate with colleagues. You can add comments, annotations and visual feedback and quickly find what you’re looking for. It’s designed for social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Design apps. Selection apps Adobe Photoshop has many specialized selection tools, but these tools are not included in 05a79cecff

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AMD 7900 and higher NVIDIA GeForce 7900 and higher Windows 7 and higher MUST READ: If you experience a crash at the end of a TF2 game or at the start of a TF2 map you have downloaded, first close all games and reinstall the game. I have no idea why this happens, but I had it a lot with my GC and after reinstalling the game it seems to work a lot better. Following the instructions under “How to” you need to take a little bit of care when writing to the first sector