HyperMotion technology makes opponents move like the players they are, bringing a new level of fluidity to match-day experience. A player’s movements will seem more natural and fluid when his opponents make similar movements, further enhancing the authenticity of the gameplay. P.E.T. (Player Education Technology) is also a core component of FIFA 22, using data to provide information and gameplay tips to players. Players will be aware of their team’s strengths and weaknesses and in possession of information on their opponents’ positioning, strengths, weaknesses and intentions. In Career mode, players’ talents will be recognized and used to impact their club’s performance; clubs will evolve and grow in response to a player’s changing game. FIFA 22 also features the new FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode, which has been enhanced with new in-game and social features as well as new cards, contracts, and new player acquisitions. *** “FIFA is all about creating completely authentic, believable football and we’ve been keenly aware that ‘reality’ was critical to FIFA 22’s development. That also means, of course, that FIFA is not just about what players can do, but also about how they play – their actions, speed, timing, and tactical movements,” said Peter Penglis, FIFA Executive Vice President and in-game development director. “HyperMotion Technology is the culmination of years of work to blend these elements into gameplay that allows players to truly experience the game as if they are watching it in real life. It is our goal that as players play, they can feel as if they are moving across the pitch just as players do in reality.” “Hybrid Motion Capture Technology” is one of the ways FIFA 22 adds a sense of reality to the game. FUT mode will also feature new cards, contracts, and new player acquisitions. An integrated player development system is another feature. Each player has unique performance attributes that evolve based on the club for which they play, as well as individual player skill levels. The sophistication of in-game physics, ball and player collision, and player attributes makes the game extremely realistic. Even those who are not familiar with football will feel that they are in the same game as the large audience of FIFA players. “In FIFA 22, we have designed the brand-new Career Mode to perfectly align


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    FIFA is one of the most popular sports games of all time, available on every console and computing device. Featuring official licensed teams, stadiums, players, kits and more, FIFA is a living game that continues to evolve. What is FIFA Manager? As the game’s world-renowned team manager, you will lead your club to glory. The freedom to build your squad, sign a star player or experiment with strategies to defeat your competition and climb the ranks of the World Manager League. What are the benefits of FIFA Ultimate Team? FIFA Ultimate Team brings all the features of FIFA into one place. Build a team from over 40 leagues from around the world. Choose from over 2,500 players from your favourite teams, such as Real Madrid, FC Bayern Munich and Juventus. Add to your team by completing real-world goals, achievements and challenges. Earn packs of cards from your completed challenges. Perform with your FUT Team in The Squad. Earn even more packs by completing challenges in FIFA Ultimate Team. What is Ultimate Team? FIFA Ultimate Team is a brand new way to play FIFA, combining the best-selling game modes that make up the FIFA series with a new format called Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team gives you the chance to create your own dream team from players from over 40 leagues. You’ll use real-world goals and achievements to unlock these players. With a vast amount of players to choose from, you can build a team to compete in tournaments. From the world’s best players, to the very best prospects, what’s not to love? What is FIFA Street? A revolutionary way to play FIFA that’s been proven to get people playing the game faster. Take on the opposition in controlled street battles or go head-to-head in a variety of different formats including 1-v-1 challenges, 2-v-2 competitions and street footballers in a 3-v-3 showdown. What is FIFA Mobile? FIFA Mobile is the all-new mobile game featuring authentic gameplay tailored to the mobile experience. Be the next Pele or Ronaldo in the most immersive football game ever. What is EA SPORTS Season Ticket? Season Ticket gives you three months of unlimited Gold Packs for £99.99 or a 12 month EA SPORTS Season Ticket for £9.99. Each pack has an activation 684577f2b6


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    FIFA Ultimate Team brings in-game items to life on the pitch. The deeper you get into the game, the better your players, coaching staff, stadium, and trainer can get. Take your best 11 on the pitch and compete in regional and worldwide cups and tournaments, while choosing carefully when and where to buy in FIFA Ultimate Team. In Game Functionality -It’s estimated that the average football fan plays online more than eight hours each month, making FIFA Ultimate Team the favorite of the console football community. -Online play is free to connect with friends, create clubs, and play online cups. -Play FIFA Ultimate Team in various ways: Draft Pick/Roster Building, Skill Rating, Style Rating, Tournament/League Game, online cups, online head to head, head to head in training. -Build your team based on hundreds of player animations and over 100 real players. -Customise your players with new kits and create your own style to dominate online. -Trainer functions which allow you to play as your favourite player, go back to your matches, check your stats, or make videos of matches. -Compete in top cup competitions and worldwide league tournaments. -Play in one of the three main modes: Single Player (Career, Online or Training), Online Matches or Online Cups. Story Mode – FIFA Story Mode Add new stories and characters to the legendary, and award winning FIFA franchise With stunning new story driven modes, play as one of 30 FUT Legends or eight new FIFA Story Mode characters. Join an elite team to take on enemy teams with a brand new narrative-focused story, compete in Prestige League matches with story-driven competition, and get behind the wheel of a star class car in a new single player mode. Choose from 30 iconic Legends from your past, and you’ll get to play as them as you face story-driven missions in the new League Mode. Start off in the EFL Cup or join in a cinematic story-driven battle with your rival manager in the European Cup, and progress through a campaign to the UEFA Champions League Final. FIFA is all about going home to your club, your friends and your fans, and it’s a celebration of the history of the game and the fun you have with the people that you know and love. Join a FUT Legends and a FUT Story Mode character and get immersed in a fun-filled romp through a new story-driven


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