DevExpress VCL 1522 With DxAutoInstaller 215 14


DevExpress VCL 1522 With DxAutoInstaller 215 14

we have added a new privatecomponent property to the radiobutton object. when a radiobutton is created or a programmatically set visibility or enabled property value is modified, the following members are assigned in the order in which they are created: – text – value – groupname – selected – tabstop – ischecked – name – left

with the text property, a label control can provide a tool tip at the mouse cursor position. choose the label shape that is most suitable for you: a rectangle, a triangle, or an ellipse, or, a custom shape. the text opacity property lets you specify the transparency of the tool tip. if you set the opacity to zero, the tool tip is completely hidden; if you leave it at one, the tool tip appears fully opaque.

this new property is used to set the image (glyph) of an edit object. the glyph property provides a collection of image objects that can be used to display various letters, numerals, symbols, and icons.

with help from the open streetmap, geocoding addresses is easy. we have also included a new property of the devexpress label object, known as the geocodedistanceunit property, which gives the developer the ability to specify the distance units in between labels. this new property lets users control the distance in between the labels, with the distance increasing with values of 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0. this property enables the options to let you specify the distance between labels.

a newly introduced property, fontsizemode, allows the developer to display static and variable-size text. the value of the property determines which text is displayed dynamically and which static text is displayed.

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