Deer Point Lake History


Deer Point Lake History

Deer Point Lake is found north of Panama City, off of US 331 and SR-77 and it was made when the dam across the northern bit of North Bay in 1961 held onto water stream from Econfina Creek, Bear Creek, Cedar Creek, and Bayou George. 

It is basically used as a public water source, which is likewise used for water systems and recreational purposes. Deer Point Lake gives an important watershed to fish and wildlife, including osprey settling grounds which is saved by the Northwest Florida Water Management District, and they supervise the ebb and flow of water into North Bay. 

The store supplies more than 760 million gallons of fresh water every day to Panama City and the encompassing regions in Bay County

Deer point lake Recreation Activities

Inferable from the 4,572 surface acres of water and subtropical temperatures, Deer Point Lake fills in as a great spot to move away and appreciate numerous recreational exercises, for example, hunting, fishing, kayaking, camping, and that’s just the beginning. 

Deer Point Lake is notable for its fishing exercises with bunches of Shellcracker and Largemouth bass which are well known during late-winter to late-spring and again in the fall. 

With admittance to the old creek channels of Bear, Econfina, and Cedar creeks just as two fish camps at Deer Point Lake, Cherokee Landing, and Tharp’s Camp, fishermen will appreciate numerous occasions to bring in a lot of fishes. 

In any case, When fishermen cast in their lines for that prize largemouth bass, or campers enjoy the clear water, they ought to make sure to consistently keep the lake perfect and wonderful to keep tourists coming in and furthermore to save the lake for people in the future.

Deer Point Lake is a lovely resort and an awesome spot for an excursion or vacation. The entire family will appreciate Deer Point Lake.

Econfina Creek 

Contributing around 57 to 79 percent of the lake’s deluge, Econfina Creek is the mainstream to Deer Point Lake. The Econfina Creek Water Management Area has more than 42,000 acres of encompassing area and gives basic campgrounds. 

Reservations are not required yet guests must have a Resource Area grant and it very well may be gotten all things considered district charge gathering workplaces. Furthermore, Resource Area grants are needed to hunt and fish on Deer Point Lake, and a Group Area Permit Application and fee charge are needed for Group Camping zones. 

The group camping area is situated at Blue Spring, Rattlesnake Lake South, and Sparkleberry Pond. The 22-mile-long kayak way along Econfina Creek is an energizing test for gifted canoeists particularly with the upper segment having numerous rapids. 

The Deer Point Lake SWIM Plan 

To safeguard common freshwater, the Water Management District began buying homes along Econfina Creek because Econfina Creek gives 80% of water during dry spell conditions to Deer Point Lake. 

The Deer Point Lake SWIM Plan was made in the nineteenth century. SWIM implies Surface Water Improvement and Management which was an Act of the Florida Legislature devoted to watershed management and public attention to water protection. 

The SWIM Plan for Deer Point Lake was to safeguard the water nature of the lake and for it to fill in as used for public water supply. The plan isn’t at present dynamic, be that as it may, the objectives for Deer Point Lake continue as before.


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