When it comes to an air conditioner unit, we believe as users, one should be familiar with some basics about an air conditioning repair and the unit as a whole. This gives you a slight overview of detecting what could be wrong with your unit at any point in time and also allows you to know if its something you can get a quick fix on all by yourself.  How about we take a look at different parts and their functions

How Your AC Components Work

Regardless of the size or efficiency of your unit, every AC unit  is made up of similar basic components:

CONDENSER: This is on the outer segment of the unit which is responsible for discharging and gathering heat. It works with regards to the settings and the season.

EVAPORATOR COILS: They are usually found connected to either your heater or inside the air handler, they are responsible for retaining heat from the air inside your home.

COMPRESSOR: This is part of the condenser mentioned above, it pumps refrigerant all through your framework which cools your home.

DUCTWORK: They are the pipes that transport air through your home and they are usually made of either metal or other engineered material.

REFRIGERANT: This is the chemical that eventually delivers a cooling impact on airflow all through your home.

Professional Air Conditioner Repair in Parker FL

During a proper AC unit operation, warm air streams over the refrigerant in the coils, this then transforms into gas.

The gas goes through the compressor and applies pressure to build the temperature of the gas essentially. Coils situated inside the condenser draw heat from this process and send it out of the framework.

This, in turn, cools the refrigerant which then goes into a liquid and chills the air. the cool air goes through your ductwork and your home.

Life Expectancy of an Air Conditioning Unit

One of the most often posed inquiries our clients in Parker FL ask during an AC replacement is, “to what extent will this last?” as well as “should I replace my furnace and air conditioner at the same time? and the truth is it really all depends on a couple of components and external factors.

But with all things being equal, a fully functioning HVAC framework should be able to last for about 10 to 25 years but it all gets down to your utilization of the unit, and most importantly your maintenance of the unit.

Above all, proper maintenance is a major factor in increasing the durability of your air conditioner while avoiding excessive air conditioning repair

Air Conditioner Repair Parker FL

Here are a few things that would help prolong the lifespan of your Air conditioner

  • Regular maintenance
  • Good quality components
  • Avoid Over or under-estimation of the framework for the building
  • Ensure installation is done properly
  • Avoid heating or cooling with windows and entryways open
  • Avoid Unusual excess loads on the AC unit
  • Reasons why you need preventive maintenance

At Nex Generation AC, we firmly have faith in prevention. To fully enjoy the investment of an AC unit, you need to focus on air conditioning repair through annual maintenance to secure a longer lifespan of your Air Conditioner unit. Two key maintenance checks to add to your schedule are:

  • Change your channel normally
  • Keep your outside unit spotless and clear from dirt

Potential Causes of a Broken Air Conditioner

Throughout the years, we have seen numerous explanations behind AC frameworks to break down or work inadequately. Here are a few  of the essential problems which may  cause the breakdowns for your AC: