Not all issues with your air conditioner seem, by all accounts, are too specialized for you to require a service expert to come out to your home for an inspection. That being said, we suggest checking the following on how to do your own air conditioning repair:

Easy Guide on How to Do Your Own Air Conditioning Repair

How to Do Your Own Air Conditioning Repair

BLOCKED CONDENSER: Check to see if your condenser is obstructed by dirt or debris. if yes, try to evacuate the blockage and clean the condenser.

CONDENSATION SENSOR: When there is a flood of water in your condensation plate, there is a sensor on the plate that trips your A/C unit off.

Check the plate to see if it’s full, in the event that it is you should get rid of the water and attempt to turn on your AC again.

CHANGE FILTER: Pull out your air channel to see if it needs to be replaced. We strongly suggest cleaning or changing your filters about four times every year or, if preferred, once a month.

REGISTER DAMPERS: If your A/C is turned on however not cooling the air, check your register dampers on the vents in each space to ensure they are set to open position.

BLOWER DOOR ON AIR HANDLER: Check your air handler to ensure the blower entryway is securely closed. Otherwise, your A/C unit won’t turn on.

THERMOSTAT SETTING: An inappropriately set or defective thermostat may be the reason your AC unit is not working appropriately. So you should check the settings to ensure when you need the A/C turned on, the thermostat reads “cool” as opposed to “off” or “heat”

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Tips to Stay Cool in Callaway FL While Waiting for A/C Technician

Notwithstanding, if in the wake of checking all these necessary things, and your system still needs repairs, here are several ways you can stay cool while Waiting for your HVAC specialist to show up at your home.

Change cooking methods:

While looking out for repairs to be made, reconsider using your stove or broiler as they produce a lot of heat in your home. Consider eating leftovers or planning salads or getting readied foods from the supermarket.

Turn your lights off:

Keep as numerous lights off as possible during the day. if you need lights to opt for LED and CFL lights for the time being before your AC unit is fixed. 

Cover your windows:

Close your curtains turn down the blinds and pull down your shades. this keeps heat from the sun and as soon as the sun goes down, open your windows and let the warm air out and cool night air comes in.

Get a Humidifier:

Humidity levels are high in Florida, and a dehumidifier will keep the air inside your home dry. Investing in a dehumidifier can be especially significant in the rooms where your family spends the most measure of time.

Change Sleeping Methods:

Choose cotton sheets and wear cotton pajamas. Also, scrub down or plunge your feet into cold water before hitting the hay, and unplug electronics to lessen the heat flowing all through your room.