Would it be a good idea for me to Replace My Furnace and Air Conditioner at the Same Time

Many homeowners in Parker FL with a messed up furnace are most occasions pressed concerning whether they ought to replace the furnace and air conditioner at the same time.

This is major because of the way that many HVAC systems are set up distinctively much of the time. So we should consider some key components to having a clearer idea of how to answer this question.

Factors Influencing Changing of the Furnace and Air Conditioner at the same time

Cost of Labor

From our own overview at Nex Generation AC, we discovered that the most compelling motivation why homeowners in Parker Florida replace their furnace and air conditioner at the same time is because of the cost of labor. So they are probably going to just pay for one day of the installation work.

However, the fact of the matter is a furnace or an air conditioner separately doesn’t really require an entire day’s work for installation, yet the project is costed at entire day work.

This implies when you break that into two unique days, you are charged at two distinct days. Monetarily this could convert into a $1,000 – $2,000 extra expense to replace the two systems on various occasions which no one really wants.

Time in Home

If you plan on moving into a new home soon and faced with the thoughts of whether you should replace your furnace and air conditioner simultaneously, you’re not the only one in the event that you say no.

The performance of the equipment is the central point in this choice. the fact of the matter is most home merchants with a working air conditioner regularly decide to not replace it when replacing their furnace.

Most homeowners decide to hold up until a purchaser demands a substitute air conditioner, resources to do as such, or a home warranty.


When investing in an exceptionally effective furnace, you are certainly attempting to put investment into a perfect AC unit that would genuinely amplify your speculation.

To be honest, Older AC units aren’t generally outfitted to pair well with an exceptionally proficient or variable speed furnace.

You need a unit that doesn’t forfeit the worth gotten from the furnace during winter for its advantages throughout the late spring.

Age of Old Equipment

Age of A/C Unit is an enormous factor whether it’s ideal to replace both the furnace and the AC unit together. There is no hard guideline, yet we suggest replacing both the furnace and air conditioner if the working equipment is greater than 10 years of age.

Normally, popular brands of furnaces and air conditioners have at least a 5-year parts warranty. On the off chance that the HVAC worker carried out its responsibility and helped the homeowner during the first installation, the furnace and air conditioning system has a 10-year parts warranty.


Replace Furnace and Air Conditioner in Parker FL with Nex Generation AC

If in the wake of going through the factors here,  you trust it’s the right time to replace your furnace and air conditioner, we would cherish the opportunity to serve you.

Numerous homeowners who are still having a bit of doubt are usually started with counsel from experts like us.

Our team is there to direct and give the data and information needed to settle on your own choice irrespective of the age or status of your AC system, we urge you to exploit our heating and air conditioning maintenance expertise in Parker FL. It’s advantageous and saves you time and a few extra bucks.