Autumn is here now and it comes with a lot of fun and thanksgiving, then comes winter; however, before all these,  it is important to know what to do with your air conditioner during winter, it becomes really cool and you may not really need your AC. What then are you going to do with it. This article will do justice to it. Do keep reading, understand, and be enlightened.

If you really want to protect your air conditioner during winter, here are simple steps to  follow:

1.  Make sure that the air conditioner does not have repair problems that linger. You would not want your air conditioner to go into winter with a malfunction that has no chance of being repaired or has not been repaired. Therefore if you notice anything dysfunctional with the performance of your air conditioner during its last month of running, contact a suitable air conditioner repair in Springfield, fl. They provide the best services and keep your air conditioner working effectively.  You could also get a Nex generation AC as this works effectively well.

2.  Completely shut the air conditioning system off. Do not just change the thermostat to a hot temperature as that short period of warmth, or a thermostat deciphering inappropriate in-house temperatures, may cause the outer unit of the air conditioner to rise up when it should not. This may then elicit snow or water moisture into the outer unit, this promotes corrosion, and it’s not so good. To prevent this from happening turn the air conditioner off as this will inhibit it from coming on accidentally. In doing this locate the power switch on the exterior, It is usually near the outer cabinet under a cover that is plastic. Lift up this cover, turn the power switch to off, there you go, you are all set for winter.


3.  Properly clean off the outer cabinet of the air conditioner 

See that the area around the outer area of the AC is totally clear of dirt and debris. You can make use of a hose to wash down the outer cabinet using gentle pressure and then brush off the large amounts of debris or dirt with a broom. It is important you keep the areas that surround the air conditioner free from branches and leaves; this will inhibit them from getting blown into the cabinet of the air conditioner.

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4.  Cover the outer condenser with a cover that is waterproof. You can buy air conditioner covers from a hardware store majorly for this reason or purpose, however, there is nothing wrong with you making use of a tarp to get the job done. It is waterproof, so it should get the job done easier and better. Use luggage ties and bungee cords to properly secure the cover that is in place.



If you still do not know exactly what to do with your AC during winter, then call in your best HVAC professionals who can show you how to best take care of your air conditioner. All you have to do is contact us today and our excellent and amiable representatives will help you out. 

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