Most times during cold climate in Florida, we as a whole often wonder if there is a need to cover the air conditioner systems or not. The fortunate thing really is that a proper AC unit is designed with sturdy and agile components that are made to resist awful climate, including intense heat and heavy sometimes covering your unit can in reality just lead to more problems arising from moisture being caught up inside the system.

There are two periods where it is really recommended to use a cover for a significant amount of time which is the fall and summer.

Air Conditioner Cover Callaway FL

In the event that you are asking why the special case with these seasons, well it is predominantly because of the degree of dirt and debris during that season that regularly causes a blockage to your AC units airflow. reduction in the airflow truly means your air conditioner will undoubtedly work for an unusually long time, in this manner, causing you to need much more electricity to cool your homes which means more power bills.

Effectiveness is one thing that everybody should search for when investing in an air conditioner unit, and as homeowners in Callaway fl, you can connect with air conditioner experts in Callaway Fl for repairs and regular maintenance from Nex Generation AC. We’ll look at the essential components of your AC and identify problems that may come up in the future.

Guides to your air conditioner covers

In the event that in the wake of considering every one of your options, and all things considered, you still choose to settle on a cover for your air conditioner unit outside, here is a couple of guides on picking the best covers for your air conditioner.

Mesh Air Conditioner Cover Callaway FL

Try not to use full air conditioner cover

An appropriate air conditioner spread should just enclose the highest point of your unit and just a couple of inches to keep the airflow as it should be Full covers will only cause condensation being caught up inside your unit, damaging metal pieces.

Try not to Use Plastic or Vinyl materials

All that covers made of Vinyl or Plastic materials does is block air, which could cause condensation to develop inside your air conditioner.

Lets take a look at the best time of the year to use covers on your air conditioning unit

Here are the best times we recommend you to Air Conditioner Covers.


During summertime, you should settle on a light mesh to keep all dirt and debris out of your unit.


During fall, use covers that will shield your system from leaves and other dirt that should fall on your unit.

Get Your air conditioner running effectively

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