Seasonal allergies are not a strange term for any of us in Southport FL, be it during the April showers, or the summertime coming. We know the air and the weather, in general, could be bad for some of us at some point, but are we well aware that your HVAC system can help alleviate seasonal allergies? If you are finding it hard to believe that, here is why a proper HVAC system can help with seasonal allergies

Change Your Air Filter

Changing your filters is the first thing you need to ascertain in your air conditioning units. We recommend you do that at least twice per year. Having a dirty filter means its main function has been jeopardized, in the sense that when air that eventually circulates through your home passes through a dirty filter, the filter will be unable to catch dust, thereby making the air you breathe dirty and unhealthy. Having a clean air filter protects you from particles that can sometimes trigger allergies.

Ask Your Tech about A MERV Filter

However, if you feel you sometimes develop more chronic allergies, then it might be the normal air filters in your HVAC might not be just enough to protect you. In this case, you should consult your HVAC technician for what we call a MERV filter which means maximum efficiency reporting value filter. They are better at catching any airborne particles that could result in allergies

Merv air filter southport fl

Consider a UV Light

This is an advanced mechanism for ensuring you have indoor air quality as clean as possible. it sets up your HVAC system as a double check filter on the air you get from the system. After the air passes through the air filters, the UV light installed further performs a second cleaning thereby purifying the air once again to get rid of any form of allergens.

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The UV light further removes unwanted odors such as pet stinks. The favorite UV tool we usually recommend is the Air Scrubber, however, if you need to learn more about that, you should contact us, we are free to walk you through the processes.

Dust Your Return Vents and HVAC Unit

When preparing your air conditioner unit for the coming season, just make sure while cleaning you not omit the return vents of your HVAC unit, make sure you clean them properly as well as the outdoor condenser and other HVAC units you can easily access. A dusty return vent will only promote allergens. While cleaning be sure you are using a damp cloth to avoid causing the dust to spread around your home.

Return Vents Nex Generation Air Conditioner Repair

Schedule a Tune-Up

Scheduling a tune-up is most likely your best option to avoid these allergies in my opinion, as there are technicians built for the job of inspecting the ins and outs of your HVAC unit and making sure no dirty air is distributed throughout the house. We recommend scheduling this at least twice yearly.

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