Keep A Fresh Air Filter In Your AC This Summer

Over time, one thing has been certain about us Nex Generation AC, and it is the fact that we are strong advocates of air conditioning maintenance because we believe in prevention. But when we talk about these maintenance practices, there is one in particular which is of extremely high importance that we think you should be aware of and this is your air filter.

This can be done on your own and as minor, as it seems, in this post, you will realize how important an air filter can be to maintaining the performance of your AC unit During the summer in areas such as Fountain FL when things get really hot, no one has to tell you why you have your air conditioner running at its best and this where scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance comes in to help ensure your air conditioning units does not betray you in times of need.


The answer to this very question is an absolute YES, and you really do not want to end up spending a whole lot on damages and repairs for something that could have been avoided if only you took the time to change your air filter every 1 – 3 months. A dirty air filter is a threat to your air conditioning system and would depreciate your cooling experience.

Dirty air conditioner
Dirty Air Conditioner

It all starts with an airflow resistance in your AC unit which makes your AC system struggle to distribute air-conditioned air throughout your home or offices. It has been established, the moment it starts to take your air conditioner unit more work to circulate conditioned air in your home or offices.

This only means more power is being used to do less work and therefore you start to have an increased power bill. And not just that it would eventually cause wear and tear in your system which can lead to more complicated mechanical issues that will cost you a lot more.

From this, you should be aware of how important it is to keep your air filter clean and fresh to protect yourself and your air conditioning system.

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During the hottest time of the year in Fountain FL, one must take into consideration the quality of air in your homes and offices while trying to keep cool and comfortable with air conditioners. The quality of air is extremely important to your skin and your general health.

personal air cooler humidifier

Dry air is a bad one for you, which is why you must combine your air conditioner with a whole-house humidifier in Fountain FL. You can always contact us if you feel the need for a humidifier. 


Truth is at some point after the continuous running of an air conditioner, you are likely to have a very high humidity level in your homes or offices. As a result, the air around becomes too dry. The moisture is drained out by a component of the AC unit called the condensate drain pan and line. A whole-house humidifier is the easiest solution to this problem.

The major reason for choosing a whole house type of humidifier is because we want to avoid the stress of having to move the humidifier around the house or continually filing up with water as it is in other small portable models. And you can also make use of it to curb dry air during winter.