Technology has made thermostats a thing of Joy when it comes to comfort in your homes here in Parker FL, through any sort of small device, you can be in control of the temperature levels in your homes and even the office at which you work every day. It’s one of the best components of an air conditioning system and one should be wary of faulty thermostats.

But what happens when these remote that controls your entire HVAC system develops a fault? And you are unable to perform basic controls on the temperature levels of your home. this could only result in you paying extra bills so how about we take you through some problems caused by faulty thermostats

Your Furnace or Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On due to Faulty Thermostats

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As with most technologies, the thermostat is not free from developing technical issues. If at any point in time you realize your air conditioner is not coming on, it could be due to just a faulty start.

So before you make a conclusion on your whole HVAC system as being faulty, you should try to reboot the thermostat by putting it off and putting it on again. If however the problem of your air conditioner not coming on persists, then it could be a more technical wiring issue that is restricting the thermostat from connecting to your AC unit.

In this case, you might have to seek the service of an air conditioner repair technician to troubleshoot your system.

Your HVAC System Won’t Turn Off Due to Faulty Thermostats

Most times this happens to really HVAC systems and the cause could be a natural frayed electrical wiring or something similar. However, this is a big problem and most likely due to wiring issues so you should contact your technician for air conditioning repair as soon as you can

Your Thermostat is Unresponsive

Sometimes we encounter this problem of an unresponsive thermostat at least once whereby the screen of the thermostat just remains blank and the whole system is unresponsive.

What you should do at first if this occurs is to try to change the batteries and clean the thermostat as a blank screen does not necessarily mean a faulty thermostat. However, if the problem persists then it might be an electrical issue and you should try reaching out to an HVAC technician to figure out what could be wrong with the faulty thermostat

thermostat in Parker FL

Treated Air is Unevenly Distributed Throughout Your Home

When your air conditioning unit is on and you still realize that for example your living room is chilled but your bedroom seems hot. This means there is an uneven distribution of conditioned air in your home and could be as a result of a malfunctioning thermostat

Your Thermostat is in the Wrong Location

To be honest, this is not a myth, the thermostat is made to send signals to your HVAC system according to how it reads the ambient temperatures of your home. so if you are placing the thermostat directly to natural sunlight or probably beside an oven.

These “little things” can make a big difference as to how your air conditioning unit gives you comfort. If however, you are unsure as to the right place to place your thermostat, you can contact our HVAC technicians to assess your thermostat and advise you on the best location in your home to place it

Experiencing Any of These Faulty Thermostats Problems? Call Nex Generation AC

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